Pointone is a private equity company in the United Kingdom with focus investment in viable ventures. Pointone invests in companies to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term and distribute reasonable income to its investors. Pointone emerged from the non-correlation of private equity investment opportunities in the market with the level of investible private equity funds searching for the right private equity investments globally.

Pointone emerged from the immediate need of investments in real estates, infrastructural upgrades and the funding for expansionary activities of companies at growth level of their business life cycle in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Pointone is set to harness the right Private Equity investments to real estate, infrastructure and buyout/growth companies.


Private Equity Investors require security, growth and appropriate returns on their investments. While all these are present in the right private equity investments, investors are in need of the right Partner that understand their appetites and possess the right knowledge and strategy to make private equity investments globally.


Pointone was initiated team of European professionals with combined working experiences of over four decades in fund administration & management, private equity, insurance & prepaid services, investments, marine, leasing and other financial services including trading financial instruments, oil & gas, information communication technology, manufacturing, advertising and public service

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