Pointone invests in Growth Companies, Infrastructure and Real Estates to achieve capital growth over the minimum to long term and distribute reasonable income to its investors.
Security and returns on investment is VERY KEY in all Pointone's investments. The Pointone private equity strategies have been tested and the outcomes proof its sustainability. This is the reason, investors always trust Pointone as the right partner.


Pointone is a private equity company in the United Kingdom with focus investment in the following sectors.

Real Estate including residential real estate, shopping complex, offices, schools, hospitals etc excluding major infrastructural development like roads.

Finance and Non-Finance

Cellular mobile, basic telephone services, and communication equipments.

Agro-processing, out-growers scheme, livestock farming, plantation agriculture, tractorisation & mechanisation, storage & maintenance, cultivation of arable crops, processing and distribution of agricultural products.

Development of software and manufacturing of computer equipment

Manufacturing and distribution of drugs and pharmaceutical products .

Hospital Services, medical equipment manufacturing and distribution etc.

Manufacturing of food, beverages, household items and general products including the distribution of manufacturing products

Educational activities including manufacturing and distribution of educational items.

Activities of metal extraction, refining, alloying, and making things from them.

Production of car, parts & accessories. Sales and distribution of automobile products.

Activities around electricity, power, petroleum, natural gas equipment and services.

Areas of Expertise

Pointone was initiated team of European professionals with combined working experiences of over four decades in fund administration & management, private equity, insurance & prepaid services, investments, marine, leasing and other financial services including trading financial instruments, oil & gas, information communication technology, manufacturing, advertising and public service

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